In addition to being an artist and photographer, I am also a (tired) mom to three boys, a wife to a tech guru, a published author, and a poet. I stumble through life half mad-scientist (in the studio) and half absent-minded professor (in functional adult land). Back in my youth, I earned my BFA from the  Corcoran College of Art and Design, and taught for several years before motherhood enthusiastically took over.

My work is awash in all the things that intrigue and thrill me: the shimmering, the antique, the utilitarian, the organic, the embellished. I swoon over materials like embroidered sari silks, vintage sheet music, watch gears, handmade papers, gold leafing and beads. I love to have them come together to turn everyday objects into personal treasures, like relics found in a Victorian Wunderkamer.  Boxes, journals, tins, accesories, frames...all of them are a foundation for my mad scientist approach to up-cycled art.  The galleries here depict past works that already have homes. If you click on Recent Projects, you can see what is happening in the studio now.  I am hoping to be out and about these next fews months at various events vending my work.


A portion of all monies made from my art goes to the The Balanced Mind, which works hard on behalf on my youngest son and countless other kids with neuro-psych disabilities.

 Thanks for visiting, and Brightest Blessings!


Nicole Derosier, BFA

About the Artist